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(Wire Crafters)

What is Wire Partition??? In general, wire partition is security fencing typically used for indoor applications and/or visual theft deterrents (i.e. “wire cage”). It has a variety of other applications as well and is completely modular.

Pro-Quip supplies Wirecrafters, the finest wire partition product in the industry, to suit any security cage type of requirement. This partitioning is also great for visual separation between rooms, creating in-warehouse stcokrooms or simply to provide another security level between rooms. Ceiling options can completely enclose your room for additional security.

The Wirecrafters modular design allows you to add, change or modify any installation to address your evolving storage needs. Simply add and/or remove panels and posts to any existing Wirecrafters installation — add a door, increase storage space, put a service window in, lengthen a wall.

DOOR TYPES: Hinged, dbl. hinged, dutch, sliding, self-close, vertical rise, service window

LOCK TYPES: Key, knob, lever, digital keypad, card reader, pushbutton, pushbar, magnetic, emergency exit alarm bar.

OPTIONS: 5 alternate colors, sheet steel or Lexan panels, higher density mesh patterns

For custom layout and design help click here and submit your layout for pricing!

Wirecrafters partitioning is not only the strongest most secure in the industry, but also easy to install and customizable to ANY layout restrictions, barriers and irregular walls. Contact us today for a personalized quotation:

Download a Wire Crafters Brochure (PDF format)
Manufacturer’s website: www.wirecrafters.com

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