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The lockers you will find on these pages are currently installed in schools, athletic facilities, warehouses, hospitals, fire stations around the country. Pro-Quip carries only the highest quality Lyon lockers that carry a lifetime warranty against defects in material and workmanship!

For larger and more complicated locker installations, like student corridors and gym locker, please contact us for a custom quote tailored to your specific needs. Many installations will require filler panels, slope hoods or end panels based upon your area’s dimensions. You may also find that an option such as door perforations suits your needs best – we are committed to assisting you through every step of the selection process. Remember, we have a network of factory trained representatives throughout the country who can visit your site and make recommendations based on what they see firsthand. In addition, larger locker installations will require a substantial amount of assembly and installation labor, so be sure to utilize our network of locker installers who are fully insured and ready to complete any project scope from the moment the delivery truck arrives at your site!


Download a Lyon Workspace Products Catalog (PDF format)
Request a Lyon Workspace Products Catalog         
Manufacturer’s website: www.lyonworkspace.com

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If you can’t find what you are looking for here or elsewhere, let us go to work and source it for you—for free!

e-mail: sales@proquipco.com
phone: (800) 498-8099
fax: (781) 932-9288


Order one No. 6012
and receive this
1 section 1 frame wide
(1 locker openings)
xx xx Order one No. 6012-3
and receive this
1 section 3 frames wide
(3 locker openings)

Lockers are available (unless otherwise noted) in groups of 1-Wide or 3-Wide. The number of lockers contained in these groups depends on which tier type you are interested in:

Single Tier (available in)
1-Wide (contains) 1 locker door

3-Wide (contains) 3 locker doors

Double Tier (available in)
1-Wide (contains) 2 locker doors

3-Wide  (contains) 6 locker doors

Six-Tier (available in)
1-Wide (contains) 6 locker doors

3-Wide (contains) 18 locker doors

LOCKER COLORS: All of the lockers available online are IN-STOCK usually in putty or gray colors. Lyon offers lockers in all 30 of their premium colors – contact us for custom color estimates or for a color chart!



1. Sketch your room(s) dimensioning using our layout/design printout and fax to us – we’ll completely design your installation for you free of charge!!!

2. Lockers generally arrive knocked down and require time-consuming assembly prior to installation. For larger locker requirements, get a custom quote from Pro-Quip for both materials AND installation(link to request page)

3. For the D.I.Y. customer, be sure to assemble and anchor your product as per the supplied manufacturer’s instructions!


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