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Solid plastic lockers are the smart choice wherever corrosion and cleanability are an issue – constructed of thermoformed solid plastic these lockers will never corrode regardless of humidity, air circulation or wet items stored inside!!! Our line of solid plastic lockers are available in a wide variety of colors, sizes and tiers to address your specific storage needs.

Typically used in:
Food Processing Industry
Swim Storage / Poolside Locker
Athletic / Fitness Facilities
Wet Industrial Environments
Schools, Universities & Clubs

Key Benefits Over Regular Lockers:

  • Easy to maintain – There is never a need to repair, repaint or rustproof. These lockers are maintenance free.
  • Easy to clean – Rustproof plastic means you can hose down/rinse with just soap and water; very sanitary.
  • Easy to install – Units arrive fully assembled and need only be anchored to the walls.
  • Durable – Double wall constructed, these lockers will never dent, scratch or corrode like metal lockers.
  • Quiet – No loud metal-to-metal contact like steel lockers
  • Versatile – Wide variety of colors, sizes, tiers and options to choose from!


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